Instagram Round-Up 9.2.12

This week brought “hurricane” Isaac.  A ton of hype and the tropical storm he ended up being was not much at all.  I took a picture of Eaton Street the morning the storm was to hit Key West.  It was really peaceful walking the dogs that morning.  Absolutely no one was out.

I found this bumper sticker too hilarious to not take a picture of!

Just a few palm fronds down after Isaac.

The water was still a gorgeous color at the Westin Marina.  Just way too cloudy.

Had a ton of running around to do on Thursday and it was just so hot out.  Was planning on having a glass of wine after I finished my errands, but changed my mind once I got to Fausto’s and decided on a few ice cold beers.

This weekend was the start of Brewfest here in Key West.  We were not attending dinners but had a few beers with my husband at Krawl off Duval the other night.  Their event was “Drink Like a Local” and showcased Florida Breweries.  The event unfortunately lasted only that night.  Hopefully they will have Mile Marker #1513 and Red D’or another time.  Both were very delicious!


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