Review – Solo American Bistro


The other day my husband and I decided to try Solo American Bistro for lunch. Here are my thoughts…..

I am absolutely in love with the decor it’s very Pier 1-esq but it happens to be a favorite store of mine. They have outdoor seating available but we decided to sit in one of the “booths”. The bar is center stage and along both aides of the interior you will find bench seating running the length of the wall. At the far back right corner they have put lounge area with leather couches and tables.


If your drink of choice is beer, you won’t find much of a choice, hey have about 6 beers on tap. They do have a nice selection of wines though. We opted for a full carafe of red sangria. It was very refreshing. I normally pick white sangria (they just seem more refreshing when it’s hot out.)


So into the food…..

I opted to go with the Seafood Flatbread. It had a nice flavor to it (lots of garlic!) but was a bit disappointed with the amount of seafood on it. I wasn’t expecting a lot but more than one piece per square of flatbread.


My husband got the Solo Burger. Such an in adventurous choice! the only way to screw one up is to overlook it – in my opinion anyways. That being said the burger prepared perfectly! Fries were nice and hot and crispy too.


I would definitely visit them again and try the white sangria!


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