Review – Incas Peruvian Restaurant


I absolutely love finding new places to eat on the island!  There are so many choices here!  I do believe this is the only Peruvian Restaurant on the island.  I could be wrong though.  We are always finding new things when we go out on bike rides throughout the island.


I seem to be infatuated with Sangria lately! Every time my husband an I go out it seems it’s the only drink I’ve been ordering lately! I love eating the fruit when your done with it. Inca’s offers a red version only at $5 a glass and it’s a pretty decent sized serving. Their version was a bit sweeter than most of the red Sangrias I’ve had on the island.

Other beverages include Soda, Beer and Coffee.  They also have Chicha Morada, which is a Peruvian Purple corn cider (definitely trying this the next time we go!)


We wanted the get something light so we opted for the Ceviche Mixto. It featured shrimp, octopus, fish, tons of red onions (mmm), slices of yams and features two types of corn. I’m not too sure what the roasted one was but  the other was hominy.


We were there for lunch and it wasn’t very busy. It’s not located near Duval Street at all so I don’t see it ever being ridiculously busy.  Prices are very reasonable, they range from $5 for soup to $15 for an seafood entrée.  And they best part is that they offer delivery!  Great when your sick of the same old thing for lunch!


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