My First Time Deep Sea Fishing On Our Unconventional Valentine’s Date


I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of getting up so early on my day off. Well it wasn’t too terribly early and that’s what you do when you go fishing, right? Get out on the water early before anyone else does. Before the blazing hot sun starts to heat up. And it’s twice as hot out when your on the water.

We ran into Captain Keith the night before at Dante’s and had set up our unusual Valentine’s outing for 7:15 AM. After walking our dogs we stopped for my coffee (can’t start any day without it, no matter what time I get up) and other provisions and headed out to the boat, Lucky Strike.

It was an absolute gorgeous morning on the water! The water was so blue and very little clouds in the sky. It really wasn’t bothering me that the fish weren’t biting at all. I just love being out on a boat, even though I don’t have sea legs. It’s like watching a toddler walk for the very first time. Really it is!


Eventually after a couple of hours the first rod hit!  Then a second and a third! It was so exciting!  I brought the first one in!  The mate told me I had the rod that was the farthest out.  It was a fight!  My hands were tingly and I couldn’t really move them afterward!  It was like when your hand falls asleep.  Unfortunately what we caught was only Bonito.  The mate said it they weren’t any good to eat because they are a very bloody fish. They are only good for bait.


Soon after the first couple catches, a rod hit again.  One of the other guys on the boat was up.  Alas, the fish got away.  I think the mate said he thought it was a Wahoo.


A couple more catches and it was time to turn the boat back to shore.  I was a little disappointed we were heading back, I was having so much fun that the time went by too fast!


In total we caught two King Mackerel, a Black Grouper by my husband but it is out of season and too small anyways so we had to release it, and 3 Bonito.  The guys we shared the boat with were super nice and gave us the King Mackerel that they caught. The mate cleaned them up for us and we left with about 3-4 pounds of fish!  Good thing we like seafood!  I can’t wait till we go fishing again!


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